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 Форум при поддержке Гурджиевского Клуба. 
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Сообщение Форум при поддержке Гурджиевского Клуба.
Наконец-то открылся форум Гурджиевского Клуба. Форум насколько я понимаю, ставит цель - изучение аспектов гурджиевского учения онлайн.

В частности, один из разделов посвящен энеаграмме. Ведет данный раздел Алан Франсис.

"The motivation, attitude and approach to the subject of the Enneagram is more important than any information we might currently have in our possession. Our conditioning, so thoroughly engrained prohibits us from gaining access to the true meaning of this or any other sacred symbol.

So we will start now by acknowledging our accumulated baggage and try to begin with something we have lost, respect for the sacred, and a resolve to start fresh without preconceptions; to stop thought, to become empty and to open to a more direct experience of perceiving…

If we could look at the symbol anew, as if someone is drawing the symbol in the sand in front of us, what would attract our attention? Probably the symbol would be begin to appear as a curved line gradually returning to its point of origin and thus forming a circle.

So let us begin with this appearance of a circle in the sand. What feeling or thought does it evoke, if one was a child free from conditioning. Can you imagine?

Without haste or invention, write down in a few sentences what you perceive and intuit, Perhaps you will actually go out and draw it yourself somewhere in the sand.

This forum will not be open to wiseacring, intellectualism or invention of any kind – there will be one warning given only to each person.

If it proves impossible for participants to exchange

with sincerity and intuitive reason on this subject then the forum will close. Those who wish to explore the symbol, with a willingness to drop any pretense of knowing are welcome, we will see what we can learn together. "


08 сен 2011, 19:22
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